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Nintendo’s latest game is dominating the video game market. But it’s also helping players cope with coronavirus-related woes — and signaling possible futures for positive video gaming.

The latest addition to Nintendo’s famed “Animal Crossing” video game series allows players to turn a deserted island into their own personal paradise. Illustration by Ysa C.; Image from Nintendo

Raveena’s “Moonstone” EP follows the release of her debut full-length album. (Photo: Raveena)

Photo: Dana Dela Cruz

Since the arrival of the North and South Vietnamese migrants in Germany in the 1970s — Northerners in former East Germany and Southerners in former West Germany — the two communities have been known as one of the country’s most ‘integrated’ minorities. Vietnamese cultural hubs and a persistent North-South divide in the Vietnamese community complicate this popular perception.

The Haus der Statistik, an abandoned East German government office, sits in decay in the center of the city. (Photo: Dana Dela Cruz)

Keeping it Cool

Like the pool-goers I stumbled upon in Kreuzberg, I had to figure out how to cool off in a city that is underprepared for the heat. While…

ysa c.

queering literally everything (they/them)

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